Finally! I’ve come up with some spare time and moved the blog to HTTPS and to the cloud! Hopefully, this will make my life a bit easier (managing the server and posts).

What have I done?

  1. Spinned up a new VM (centos7).
  2. Dockerized the blog based on Jekyll (dockerized as in use docker-compose and already premade jekyll docker image.
  3. Hardened the VM (firewalld, set the rules, etc.)
  4. Set-up Nginx and configure Let’s Encrypt.
  5. Added some cool colors to .bashrc to know on which server I reside after SSH-ing.
  6. Oh, and sshd has also been a bit hardened.

Hopefully, this will do for some time. There is still lots of things to do, like automatic backup to Koofr, automatic (cronjob-based) Jekyll rebuilds, wire up additional domains via Let’s Encrypt, do some monitoring of the site, etc.

Sources of this site are available here.

All these will be described here soon.